Pampas grass design? Not sure where to start? Our Mojave vase and faux vase accents are a perfect addition to any design!


Hello! You may be new to our page and be completely overwhelmed with the choices we have on our website! We get it, we carry quite a variety of pieces! If you are new here, welcome! We are Luxe B Pampas Grass, a company run by women that specializes in Pampas Grass, Dried Flowers, and some fabulous decor pieces! 



This blog is dedicated to one of our favourite and most popular design pieces at Luxe B.




Our "Luxe B "Faux" Accent Artificial Pampas Grass in Cream + Mojave Vase Promo Pack"



You probably clicked on our website as you have an interest in design. We know sometimes it can be difficult to make decisions as there are a lot of choices out there!



If you haven't heard, our faux pampas are currently the number one item in the Luxe B shop. Many people desire the aesthetic look that pampas add to a home. However, many people may be apprehensive to purchase pampas due to concerns over allergies in the household, the concerns of longevity, and concerns over kids or pets pulling at the pampas plumes. This is why we have seen an influx of people gravitating toward our artificial pampas grass.



We launched our large variations of faux pampas and after much feedback from our customers, we launched our faux vase accents. Below is a photo of our larger cream faux, they are 3.6 feet tall and perfect for a floor vase or taller/large tabletop arrangement. 


The feedback we received was that our customers loved our faux and that they wanted a smaller size faux. Madeleine decided to design these new faux accent pieces and they have taken off!



Our Artificial Vase Accent Faux total height is 50 cm/18 inches, the stem is 10 cm/3.9 inches, and plumes 40vcm/15 inches and the Mojave Vase is 5-1/2 inches Around 7 inches Tall. This arrangement is perfect for tabletop decor.



Imagine the sun shining down on the Mojave Desert, this is the inspiration behind our Mojave vase. We love the sandy texture of this vase. This vase fits perfectly as a complete look styled with our cream faux vase accents. This piece will catch everyone's attention in a room. It is the perfect addition to a console table, dining room table, desk, or bedside table. If you have a special event such as a wedding coming up, this would be ideal for centrepieces for the special day!



We love adding our Boho Recycled Glass Beads to this arrangement. It adds another design dimension to the piece. Our favourite pairing would be either our:

Boho Recycled Glass Beads in Frosted White, which are shown below:



or our Boho Recycled Glass Beads in Clear Black, which are shown below:





Our artificial faux pampas have rapidly climbed to the top seller list here at Luxe B. If you are searching for the luxurious and aesthetic look of pampas but don’t want to deal with shedding, then faux pampas are the product for you. 





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