Care tips for Luxe B Pampas Grass! Are you new to dried flowers, pampas grass, and preserved florals? This beautiful, bohemian trend is here to stay! This page is devoted to caring for our Luxe B pieces:

pampas grass care tips

How long do pampas and dried/ preserved florals last? Ideally, They will last up to 2 years, but we recommend some tips to keep them looking their best. The best way to prolong the life span of any dried item is dusting!

We suggest taking pampas outside and lightly shaking them gently to get rid of accumulated dust.

pampas grass care tips

Dusting your dried florals/ preserved florals with a feather duster is ideal for gently getting rid of accumulated dust.

dried flowers wedding flowers dried flower arrangement dried flowers care tips

It's essential to keep the pieces away from direct sunlight and avoid areas in your home with a lot of moisture or heat. Do not style dried florals or pampas close or next to a window in direct sunlight as it will dry them out faster. Do not leave your dried pampas, dried flowers, or preserved flowers outside for longer extended periors of time. They are perfectly fine for event decor but don't style them as permanent outdoor features. 

Do not put pampas or dried florals next to a fire source, such as a candle or fireplace. As they are dried items, direct heat could make them flammable.

Should you water our pieces? No folks, no need! It's dried or preserved and doesn't require water! These pieces are ideal for those people who tend to forget to water their plants!

Does hairspray help with shedding for pampas? We don't like using hairspray as it takes away the softness of our plumes. However, if you notice the plumes shedding a lot, you can lightly coat the plumes.

dried flowers dried flower arrangement

What's the best way to avoid shedding when it comes to pampas? Naturally, pampas will shed. Our farmers do treat the crop after they harvest them. You will lose some volume, but they should stay full and beautiful for two years if you keep them in a good environment.

What's the best way to puff up the plumes of your pampas? We do recommend blow-drying your pampas on low heat. A trick we often use to make them fluffy!

pampas grass care tips

Preserved florals and pampas do have an odour because of the solution used to preserve the pieces. If you have sensitivities to scents, these items might not be for you. If you would like to dissipate the smell of the preserving solution, we recommend lightly spritzing them with essential oils or a perfume that you love.

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